Sunday, May 25, 2008

Backyard Salad Foraging -

For dinner tonight, I took a stroll around the wild backyard gardens to see what I could harvest for a salad. Since my schedule the last year or so only allowed the most limited gardening time, much of what is out there is left over from last year (only this weekend have I finally gotten some seeds in the ground!), much of which is currently flowering.

I, therefore, opted for a bitter greens, herb and flower salad. Perfect for today since I hope to pull out the bulk of the bolting, blooming things tomorrow.

Tore up the leaves into bit sized pieces and separated the flowers from their stems and/or calyxes as appropriate. Added a bit of store-bought, organic Romaine to temper the strong flavors, drizzle on a bit of sweet, balsamic vinaigrette and, wallah! Fresh, foraged veggie goodness.

(Safety tip: Do not talk on the phone and snip chives with very sharp kitchen scissors at the same time if you are too hungry to multi-task!)

[Salad ingredients:
Greens- watercress, lemon balm, chives, marjoram, creeping gold oregano, climbing spinach, baby swiss chard, rustic arugula, sorrel and some spicy Chinese greens.
Flowers - borage, pinks, thyme blossoms, corn salad, violas, johny-jump-ups, calendula, arugula, chervil, sweet cicely, bok choy, and rosemary.]

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