Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Local Friends

Marlowe is very interested in all these new green things on the balcony.

Just got back from my friend Tara's house, and more to the point, her garden! She had a bunch of herbs out there and gave me a box full of seedlings to attempt to grow on my balcony. Thank you, Tara! I am also inviting her to join me as a contributor to this blog. We live about 5 miles from each other, and we're both getting into this whole local food, real food thing, and we're both learning so many things that we thought it might be a good idea to pool our resources here.

And a few weeks ago I received a wonderful surprise package from my friend Ellen, who is also trying to live more in tune with the environment. (You might remember her from this brilliant post.) In it was a box of Chuao chocolates from Tuscan chocolatier Amedei. Wow!!! These chocolates are truly amazing! She also included this Food & Wine article about the company, which is a great read, and a true testament that the best business practices can also be those that are best for the planet, the workers, and the consumers. Thank you, Ellen!

These women also happen to be wonderful artists, and you can see their work here and here.


andrea said...

I just left a comment at Tara's art blog that I really should have left here. You two are inspiring me!

dinahmow said...

And from the far Pacific shore...I am applauding you!
I hope to get some advanced seedlings of Asian greens this weekend. I am going to buy some snow peas too.Yes, I know I'm in the tropics, but what the heck!