Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day for my Garden -

My family knows what I like. And want. Crocs for working outside in the garden (I hate tying shoes!) and an air pump for my wheelbarrow tires!

Yesterday, we went to Country Village (where I used to teach drawing classes) to shop and check out their Mother's Day Flower and Garden Show (complete with a Neil Diamond tribute band playing in the courtyard). They had a nice selection of local and native plants, along with heirloom varieties of vegetable starts. If it would start warming up here, I would get these poor tomatoes in the ground!

My deck herbs don't seem to mind the lingering chill. I have four planter boxes and 5 or 6 pots of herbs going most of the time. Everything I use for tea or cooking is right off my kitchen door. Much of it is still harvestable through our mild winters. Am just awaiting temperatures to climb above 50 degrees at night so that I can pot lemon verbena, basil and lemon grass.

Maybe by Father's Day.

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