Friday, May 16, 2008

The weather made me do it!

Bok choy from Lake Forest Park Farmers' Market waiting to be cooked.

This past Sunday was opening day for Lake Forest Park's Farmers' Market. As you can imagine, it wasn't bursting with produce yet, but there were lots of good greens, as well as some onions, potatoes and apples. Tasted some lovely goat cheese (yesterday's milk, today's apricot & almond cheese - yum!) that I will buy next time, and bought some fresh mozerella from Golden Glen Creamery and some tayberry jam from Blue Cottage Jams and some wild plum jam from Tiny's Organic, and the bok choy above from Full Circle Farms. I also bought some mustard flowers and arugula flowers from them. Sunday night I stir fried the bok choy with some garlic, a little sesame oil, the mustard flowers and buckwheat soba noodles. So good! And very simple, too.

Good start to the week. But then I came down with a nasty cold. Made it very difficult to want to cook anything, so we ate a lot of takeout this week.

And then today, the temperature hit over 80 degrees! After months of nothing over 60 (and that was a heat wave), sun and heat! It's amazing. I feel so energetic, and everyone seems in a good mood. And the desire to eat fruit and vegetables nearly overwhelmed me when I went to the Yakima Fruit Market this afternoon. So, (and I blame this all on the weather) I filled up my basket with produce from California. Zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries - even some peaches. I just couldn't stop myself. It was all too good to resist. And I can't wait to dig in. I feel like I should feel guilty about this, but I just don't. Guess I'm still caught up in the hot weather fever.

Strawberry blossoms on my balcony!

Spent some time out on our balcony with the cats and my little garden this afternoon too. I used to hate our balcony, because it overlooks a major freeway so it's really quite loud. Now, because of my little garden, I love it and find that I enjoy sitting out there watching the plants wave around in the breeze, and the cats seem to enjoy it too. The photo is of one layer of my strawberry pot. Look at all the future berries!

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Hayden said...

ahh well, although Ca isn't strictly local, it isn't half a world away, either. who wants to be perfectly abstemious?