Sunday, June 15, 2008

Finally, the Sun!

various lettuces I planted back in May before the sun went into hiding again

Reading over Tara's recent posts, I've realized a few things. First off, I'm so jealous of her yard! Her wonderful garden and her beautiful chickens! How can an apartment dweller like myself compete?! Following on that thought I remember that was my purpose in starting this blog - sharing how I do go about trying to lead a more locavore lifestyle, even without a yard, and within a budget. So often I see people saying they can't follow a locavore diet and/or eat organic food because it's too expensive, and I want to show that healthy eating can indeed be done on a budget.

And lastly, I really need to post more often.

Well, the sun has finally made an appearance here in the Seattle area, and it's making me feel all sorts of rejuvenated, and I feel a renewed commitment to keeping up with this blog. In the near future look for posts on my little container garden, the farmers' markets I've been attending, books I've been reading, recipes I've been trying…

Talk to you soon!

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