Friday, June 6, 2008

Unremitting grey...

(Views from the studio window)

We have had nothing but grey skies and drizzle/rain for nearly a week. It's June! I feel silly turning the heat back on, but the temps don't make it out of the 50s and it's chilly in the house.

I've been fighting a cold as well, so the rain makes it too daunting to want to do any more work on the gardens... I just sit here bleakly - seeing the things that need done, having no emotional or physical energy to do them...

The constant watering is good for the seeds I put in, I suppose. You can see a haze of green in patches - for the things that it is not too cool for germination. Not much growth beyond that though until the temperatures pick up a bit.

Unless you are a Jerusalem artichoke! I tried really hard to clean ALL of them out of this bed this spring (they are relocated to a more appropriate growing venue.) An exercise in futility, apparently - see the thick, lush strip of pointy leafed green next to the fence? That's apparently what I missed. (You wouldn't guess that I dug up buckets of tubers this spring. The amount growing is just as heavy as last year.) If/when it ever dries or warms up a bit, I will have to see if I can make another attempt to remove them from here.

The thing I am the saddest about is all the blooming things (English thyme above). I have seen fewer bees and other pollinating insects than ever this year, and the rain makes it even more difficult for them to make their rounds. From what I can tell thus far, less than half of my cherries and blueberries were fertilized this spring, for instance.

Would it be too much to ask for a bit of sunshine?


Hayden said...

now that I allow myself to see the negatives of living in the SF Bay Area, I can hardly bear the incessant wind, the constant fog and chill. Today it was warm in the back yard, but alas, the house that I have so carefully insulated would not warm up. The back yard itself isn't my zone, either, but the home of constant construction - so I could only look outside longingly, while still wearing the polartec jacket I never seem able to set aside.

Winter in Michigan will be cold, it's true. But summers will be hot.

Matron said...

You wont ever get rid of those Jerusalem artichokes! Year after year I think I have dug every single last one out of the ground, and they just pop up again the next year! Good job that I enjoy eating them if they are a little fiddly to peel!