Sunday, June 1, 2008

Works in progress -

Here is a view of my new, partially completed chicken coop and run - built under a large fir tree in the back corner of my yard. The dog house, which is being re-tooled as a coop, has a bit more remodeling and repainting necessary..

It is nestled by the back fence, by the composters (and wheelbarrow full of last year's greens ready to add to them).

I added a couple of new raised beds this spring - which needed more dirt than I had at hand - so another project-in-progress - we dug out the foundation for my pending, proposed greenhouse...

So, as June 1st, I think a record for *late*, this is the state of the raised beds. The far back left is still waiting to be cleaned out and replanted, but the next three have starts and seeds in the ground. The foreground three on the right are (from left to right) new strawberries, old strawberry bed and raspberry bed. (And what you can see in the front right is the kiwi trellis).

And even with this ridiculously chilly weather, punctuated by only a few hot days thus far this year, here's hoping that there is enough summer to come for harvesting.


Matron said...

That's an amazing chicken coop! I hope they enjoy all that stimulation and reward you with more eggs!

andrea said...

Looking good! Keep the photo inspiration coming.

Darby said...

I'm watching your chicken coop with much interest! Way cool.